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Our aim in making this documentary is to bring this conversation to the forefront. We want to tell the truth about what it takes for families to feel supported through not just childbirth, but through the parenthood journey. We want to tell your stories. We want to highlight the wonderful work of birth and postpartum doulas, of practitioners of all types who are working tirelessly to provide the kind of holistic support that parents deserve, and of new programs currently in development. We also want to shine an honest light on where our system falters and how we can work towards change.

We need to talk. We need to have a frank discussion about what real childbirth and postpartum support looks like. We need to start being honest about the fact that women in the United States often receive the short end of the stick when it comes to adequate maternity leave and quality support around the childbearing year.

We need to talk about more than just the current maternal healthcare system (though, we know the conversation is not over where that is concerned)—we need to talk about emotional, psychological, and spiritual support around one of the most transformative journeys in life—becoming a parent.  Americans have lost sight of the fact that it takes a village to raise and nurture children, and it's high time we start demanding more for ourselves and our families.


Five Fold Aim of the Documentary

1) Continue to inform the public about support around childbearing years, through expert advice and women's stories. 

2) Highlight lack of support culturally and politically for families--regarding maternal and paternal work leave, proper systems for a supportive environment during pregnancy/birth/postpartum for all Americans regardless of income. Educate viewers about the organizations currently working toward improving support structures in the United States.

3) Speak about profound lessons we, as experts in the field, have learned about the nature of women and human beings through our work. We will primarily focus on the power of presence and mindfulness in the birth experience (regardless of the type of birth - cesarean, natural, home birth, or epidural). When women feel supported, they are empowered and profound transformation can occur on the individual level creating stronger families which has the ability to impact the evolution of our entire culture.

4) Discuss ways that health care providers, doulas and other complementary care providers can best work together to enhance the support women are offered during childbearing years and parenthood.

5) Highlight the human need for connection & intimacy, and the ways in which compassionate support around childbearing can speak to this need.

We need a new paradigm—a shift in consciousness—one that honors and values our interdependence and interconnectedness. Yes, we are uniquely individual, but we THRIVE when we allow ourselves to be supported, fully seen, and nurtured through experiences that are universal to the human life.