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Meet the people supporting this project. You've seen their faces in our trailer, with your help, you will learn a lot more about the wonderful work they are doing to support women and families in this country. 

Kimberly Ann Johnson From Magamama

Thank you Kimberly Ann Johnson for being a featured supporter of Expecting Support

My mission is to empower + educate women to make their own choices about how to nourish their bodies, how to sustain their relationships + tenderly reawaken their libidos, how to parent their children with wholeness + creativity, and how to fully mine the experience of being ALIVE.

Whether you need a pick-me-up on a hard day, a brief yoga practice to relieve your neck, or some cold hard facts, Magamama brings together personal stories, expert interviews, and ancient healing practices to shine a light on this mysterious post-partum period.

Here in Brazil, “MAGA” means sorceress. I truly believe that as women these days, we all have to activate our inner sorceress to balance work, relationships, family, health and our inner life without surrendering to fear and overwhelm.

I created MAGAMAMA as an offering of hope, empowerment + practical wisdom for new moms all over the world.

Enjoy your time in my virtual home, My hope is that you get inspired + educated to take care of yourself like the powerful MAGA you are.

My whole heart goes out to you.

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