Featured Contributors

Meet the people supporting this project. You've seen their faces in our trailer, with your help, you will learn a lot more about the wonderful work they are doing to support women and families in this country. 

Rachel Lieber, CD, CLC

As a mother of two, Rachel is sensitive to the powerful transformation people undergo as they become parents.  Rachel loves helping guide people along that journey.  She believes that birth is a natural, normal process and that all women and families deserve supported births. 

Rachel's background is in fine arts.  She takes the sensitivity that comes from that training and a strong penchant for working toward woman's rights into how she approaches doula work.  Rachel is a DONA International certified birth doula, a Hypnobirthing Certified Labor Companion, and a Certified Lactation Counselor.  She has trained for massage techniques during labor with Kristy Zadrozny and is thrilled about what that has brought into her practice.  She has experience with cloth diapering, baby wearing, and safe co-sleeping practices.  Rachel also strives to offer all new moms a breastfeeding support system.

Training, Licenses, and Memberships

Certified Doula through DONA International, Certified Lactation Counselor, Hypnobirthing Certified Labor Companion, Rebozo for Comfort in Labor, Spinning Babies with Gail Tully, Advanced Doula Training with Ina May Gaskin and Debra Pascali-Bonaro